Cluster Munition Monitor 2015

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Full Report of Cluster Munition Monitor 2015

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Major Findings


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95 is # of States Parties to #ClusterMunition Convention. @banclusterbombs,@minemonitor join states Sept.7-11 @#1RevCCM in #Croatia.

  • 95 is # of States Parties to #ClusterMunition Convention.@minemonitor report today on stockpile destruction, clearance & victim assistance.
  • 95, # de Estados Partes en la Convencion sobre Municiones en Racimo.@minemonitor informe sobre destrucción de existencias, ayuda a víctimas.

.@minemonitor 2015 reports #ClusterMunition use in 5 countries since Sept.2014: #Libya,#Sudan,#Syria,#Ukraine,#Yemen.

90% of weapons stocks destroyed by #ClusterMunition Convention States since 2010. @minemonitor report out today-

25 countries/other areas remain contaminated by deadly #ClusterMunition remnants in 2015. Find out where @MineMonitor

New @minemonitor #ClusterMunition report shows no new use by State Parties since Intl. Ban adopted in May 2008-

Some 2,000+ #ClusterMunition casualties reported in #Syria, 2012-14. Largest # since global #Clusterbomb ban adopted.

92% of all #ClusterMunition casualties recorded from 2010-2014 were civilians.1/2 all killed/injured were children.

1.3M+ #ClusterMunitions & 160M submunitions destroyed under Intl.#ClusterBomb ban = lives saved. Details @minemonitor

Did you know #ClusterMunition Convention is highest standard 4 victim assistance in Intl. #humanitarian law?#1RevCCM.

#ClusterMunition condemnation continues to grow w/11 new States Parties to #CCM in past year and 117 countries on board Intl. #ClusterBan

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