Last updated: 31 October 2018


All known casualties for all time through 2017

895 mine/explosive remnants of war (ERW) casualties*

Casualties in 2017

Annual total


Increase from

149 in 2016

Survival outcome

83 killed; 152 injured

Device type causing casualties

220 improvised mine; 14 ERW; 1 undifferentiated mine/ERW

Civilian status

76 civilian; 151 military; 8 unknown

Age and gender

156 adults:
156 men

26 children:
10 boys; 2 girls; 14 unknown

53 #unknown


Casualties in 2017–details

In 2017, 235 improvised mine casualties were recorded in the Federal Republic of Nigeria from data collected by Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Overall MAG research reported 439 casualties from 144 mine/ERW incidents for the period January 2016 through March 2018.[2] This new information on casualties in Nigeria recorded by MAG resulted in an improved understanding of the extent of casualties and the impact of improvised mines Nigeria.[3]

*Total casualties, details

The Monitor database includes 402 casualties between 2012 and 2017, with 158 people killed and 244 injured. This included 18 casualties from media reporting scanning for 2015 and the remainder was recorded by MAG, 149 casualties in 2016 and 235 casualties in 2017. In a compensation claim of 2012, another 493 survivors “pre-enumerated by the Ministry of Defence” were included as confirmed victims of mines/ERW for entitlements by the Economic Community of Western Africa States (ECOWAS) community court.[4]

[1] Unless otherwise indicated, casualty data for 2017 is based on Monitor analysis of data provided by email from Sebastian Kasack, Senior Community Liaison Advisor, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), 12 October 2018.

[2] MAG, “Landmines and the Crisis in Northeast Nigeria,” September 2018; and email from Sebastian Kasack, MAG, 12 October 2018.