Last updated: 10 October 2018



All known casualties to 2017

At least 3,865 mine/unexploded remnants of war (ERW) casualties

Casualties in 2017[1]

Annual total


Decrease from
19 in 2016

Survival outcome

2 killed; 9 injured

Device type causing casualties

5 unspecified mines; 2 improvised mines; 4 unknown devices

Civilian status

6 civilians; 4 deminers; 1 military


Age and gender

11 adults:
8 men; 3 unknown

0 children


Of the 11 mine/ERW casualties identified by the Monitor in the Kingdom of Thailand in 2017, five were recorded by the Thailand Mine Action Center (TMAC), and six were reported in the media.[2]

The most comprehensive casualty data collection for Thailand remains the Landmine Impact Survey (LIS), which identified at least 3,468 casualties as of May 2001 (1,497 killed; 1,971 injured).[3] From 1999 to the end of 2017, the Monitor recorded 743 mine/ERW casualties in Thailand: 52 people killed, 331 injured, and for 360 it was unknown if they survived. This number includes 395 casualties since 2002.[4]

Casualties continued to be reported in 2018. One man was injured when he stepped on a mine of unspecified type at the Thai-Cambodian border in Sa Kaew’s Ta Phraya district.[5] Three casualties were injured in southern Thailand as a result of improvised antipersonnel mines targeting rubber plantation workers.[6]

[1] Unless otherwise indicated, casualty data for 2017 is based on information provided by Thailand Mine Action Center (TMAC), Bangkok, May 2018; and Monitor media scanning for calendar year 2017.

[2] However, at the Mine Ban Treaty 16th Meeting of States Parties, 19 December 2017, Thailand reported that there were six casualties in 2017.

[3] Survey Action Center and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), “Landmine Impact Survey: Kingdom of Thailand,” 2001, p. 18

[4] See previous editions of the Monitor available on the website. The LIS recorded 348 new casualties between June 1998 and May 2001. This total includes some casualties injured in Myanmar and recorded in Thailand, which could not be separated from the data.

[5] “Man loses right foot from landmine in Sa Kaew,” The Nation, 14 April 2018.

[6] Human Rights Watch, “Thailand: Insurgents Use Landmines in South,” 4 July 2018.