Mine Ban Policy

Last updated: 01 October 2012

The Principality of Andorra signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 3 December 1997 and ratified it on 29 June 1998, becoming a State Party on 1 March 1999. Andorra has never used, produced, imported, exported, or stockpiled antipersonnel mines, including for training purposes. Andorra believes that existing legislation is sufficient to enforce the antipersonnel mine prohibition domestically. In 2011, Andorra submitted its seventh Mine Ban Treaty Article 7 report. As of 5 September 2012, Andorra had not yet submitted its annual Article 7 report, which was due by 30 April 2012. 

Andorra did not attend any Mine Ban Treaty meetings in 2011 or the first half of 2012. Andorra voted in favor of UN General Assembly resolution 66/29 on antipersonnel mines on 2 December 2011.

Andorra is not party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons.