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Progress in eliminating #ClusterMunitions overshadowed by devastating human toll from widespread use in #Ukraine as @ISUCCM States Parties gear up to meet for #CCM10MSP. See #CMM2022 presser at

No new States Parties to #ClusterMunitions Convention since Sept 2020, highlighting remaining challenges to achieve complete adherence and slowdown of pace of universalization. Currently 110 States Parties. See #CMM2022 report:

About 1.5 million #ClusterMunitions and >178 million submunitions have been destroyed by States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munition. >99% of the total declared. Remarkable success! @ISUCCM #CMM2022

No member of the 2008 Convention on #ClusterMunitions has used the weapons since joining it. BUT some non-signatories have done so, weapon has been used in #Azerbaijan #Libya #SouthSudan #Sudan #Syria #Ukraine #Yemen. See #CMM2022 report:

#CMM2022 recorded 149 new #ClusterMunition casualties in 2021, decrease from 360 in 2020. Civilians represented 97% of all casualties whose status was recorded in 2021. #CCM10MSP

#Civilians are the main victims of #ClusterMunitions, with #Children particularly at risk. Number of child casualties recorded by #CMM2022 is harrowing: 90 killed or injured, average of 10yrs old. These weapons should never be used, anywhere, by anyone.

Two-thirds of all #ClusterMunitions victims in 2021 were #Children. Terrible reminder of dire need for rapide #Clearance of contaminated land, age-appropriate #EORE and adequate support to the victims/families. Read #CMM2022:

29 states/other areas are contaminated by #ClusterMunitions, incl. 10 @ISUCCM States Parties. #CMM2022 finds at least 61km2 reported cleared by States Parties in 2021 amd +81,000 submunitions destroyed.

Globally, 12 countries have completed clearance of #ClusterMunition-contaminated areas. No states completed clearance in the past year. Read #CMM2022:

#Ukraine conflict 6months on: hundreds of #ClusterMunitions attacks recorded since beginning of invasion by #Russia; only country experiencing use as of Aug 2022; at least 689 casualties recorded. Read #CMM2022 report 

#CMM2022 finds Russia exensive use of #ClusterMunitions in attacks during its invasion of #Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have used the weapon at least 2 times. Both countries must commit to  accede to @ISUCCM and ban the weapons asap!

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