07 July 2013

Seeking Map Designer

<paragraph>Apply by 12 July.</paragraph>

Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor is currently looking for someone to design a collection of global and country-specific maps to help visually illustrate the extent of the landmine, cluster munition, and explosive remnants of war problem. The work will primarily consist of updating our current collection of twelve maps during two-week windows in August (seven maps) and November (five maps). The designer must be able to work rapidly during these periods while closely interacting with the Program Manager. The current maps were made using ARC GIS, and a license of the software will be transferred to the new designer. We will share previous maps and any necessary base layers that would be helpful in creating this year’s maps. Maps can also be created using other software of the designer’s choosing, but they will need to acquire it themselves. Please find the current collection here: http://www.the-monitor.org/index.php/publications/display?url=cmm/2012/maps/maps.html A sum of $2000-2500 will be paid for completion of the collection. To apply please send samples, or links to samples, as well as an overview of experience to monitor@icblcmc.org by Friday, 12 July.