How much national funding was provided for mine action in 2016 and which countries provided funding?

While there has been more transparency from affected states, overall national contributions to mine action continue to be under-reported. Few States Parties report national funding in their annual Article 7 reports.23 States Parties such as Algeria24 and Iraq, as well as states not party India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam—all mine-affected states with significant contamination and major clearance operations, usually conducted by the army—have never reported annual expenditures. 

Eleven affected states reported $85.0 million in contributions to mine action from their national budget in 2016, $46.2 million less than the $131.2 million reported in 2015 (a 35% decrease).25 As in 2015, this decrease is largely the result of less support provided by Angola to its mine action program, with a total contribution amounting to $24.5 million in 2016 (60% less than the $60 million provided in 2015). Nevertheless, Angola still accounted for approximately 30% of all national funding for 2016.

In 2016, three states completely funded their own mine action program: Chile, Ecuador, and Mauritania. Additionally, three States Parties reported funding more than half of their own mine action programs: BiH (59% of total program cost), Chad (97%), and Sudan (54%).

National Support 2016

(Last updated based on Landmine Monitor 2017)