Which countries received funding for mine action in the reporting period?

A total of 38 states and three other areas received $627.3 million from 37 donors in 2017. A further $46 million, designated as “global” in the table below, was provided to institutions, NGOs, trust funds, and UN agencies without a designated recipient state or area.

As in previous years, a small number of countries received the majority of funding. The top five recipient states—Iraq, Syria, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Lao PDR—received 65% of all international support in 2017.

Iraq received the largest amount of funding (30% of all international support) from the largest number of donors. Eleven states and one area, or 29% of all recipients, had only one donor.

List of international support recipients in 2017

Note: States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty are indicated in bold; other areas are indicated by italics.

(Last updated based on Landmine Monitor 2018)