How many stockpiled cluster munitions have been destroyed and how many remain?

The Monitor estimates that prior to the start of the global effort to ban cluster munitions, 93 countries stockpiled millions of cluster munitions containing more than one billion submunitions. At least 38 countries—35 States Parties, two signatories, and one non-signatory—that once posessed cluster munitions stocks have now destroyed them. 

Of the 41 States Parties that have stockpiled cluster munitions, 35 have now completed destruction of those stocks, collectively destroying nearly 1.5 million cluster munitions containing 178 million submunitions. This represents 99% of all cluster munitions that States Parties have reported stockpiling. At least three signatories to the Convention on Cluster Munitions stockpile cluster munitions.

Six States Parties to the convention still have a collective total of 11,626 stockpiled cluster munitions and 742,200 submunitions to destroy

No State Party with the first stockpile destruction deadline of 1 August 2018 failed to destroy their stocks in time. However, Guinea-Bissau missed its stockpile destruction deadline of 1 May 2019 and has been in violation of the convention since then.

In April 2019, Bulgaria submitted a request to States Parties to extend its stockpile destruction deadline of 1 October 2019 by another 18 months, until 1 April 2021. Bulgaria is the first State Party to make such a request under the convention, which was granted at the Ninth Meeting of States Partiesin September 2019.

(Last updated based primarily on Cluster Munition Monitor 2019)