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Yemen: Evidence of Cluster Munitions Use in Saudi-Led Airstrikes - HRW
Credible evidence indicates that the Saudi-led coalition used banned cluster munitions supplied by the United States in airstrikes against Houthi forces in Yemen, Human Rights Watch said 3 May. For more information, read report here.
03/05/2015 - Read more »

Latest Monitor newsletter - May 2015
The May 2015 Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor newsletter is now available with information on new positions, a welcome to new editors, recap of late 2014 activities, details on tracking new uses of landmine and cluster munitions, and more. Click here.
01/05/2015 - Read more »

Sudan: Cluster Bombs Used in Nuba Mountains- HRW
Evidence indicates that Sudan dropped cluster bombs on civilian areas of Southern Kordofan’s Nuba Mountains in February and March 2015, Human Rights Watch said today. For more information, read report here.
16/04/2015 - Read more »

New Evidence of Cluster Munition Use in Libya - HRW
There is credible evidence of the use of banned cluster bombs in at least two locations in Libya since December 2014, reports Human Rights Watch.For more information, read report here.
15/03/2015 - Read more »

Blog post - Landmines and cluster munitions – off to a rocky start in 2015
Monitor ban policy editor and Human Rights Watch's Senior Arms Researcher Mark Hiznay discusses three disturbing developments in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine in the latest Landmine and Cluster Munition Blog post. Read it here.
08/01/2015 - Read more »

Palestine Accedes to Convention on Cluster Munitions
On 2 January Palestine became the 116th state to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions, after depositing its instrument of accession with United Nations authorities in New York. This makes Palestine the first state to join the Convention in 2015, and the 89th state party. Read the Cluster Munition Coalition's news story here.See the Monitor's Palestine cluster munition ban policy profile from August 2014 (to be updated later this year).
08/01/2015 - Read more »

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