Landmine Monitor 2001


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Major Findings  (0,1 Mb)    
Key Developments  (0,4 Mb)  (0,1 Mb)   (0,1 Mb)  (0,1 Mb)    (0,1 Mb)  
Executive Summary
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To be visually revised! (0,6 Mb)

Previous Report in Japanese:
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Executive Summary Cover  (0,5 Mb)  (0,5 Mb)  (0,7 Mb)  (0,3 Mb)  (0,3 Mb)  (0,2 Mb)  
Americas Regional Report - includes all country reports (Spanish only)            (1 Mb)
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Maps & Tables:
(From Executive Summary, page numbers  indicated) 
Mine Ban Treaty, p 4    (0,6 Mb)       (0,6 Mb)  
Global Use, p 8    (0,2 Mb)       (0,3 Mb)  
Global Production, p 10    (0,2 Mb)       (0,2 Mb)  
Global Stockpiles, p 12    (1,1 Mb)       (1,1 Mb)  
Landmine Problem in the World, p 24    (0,4 Mb)       (0,4 Mb)  
Additional tables for printing              
Mine Ban Treaty - Table  (included in ES)    (0,2 Mb)          
Mine Ban Policy - Table    (0,3 Mb)          

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Full Report in English

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