Support for Mine Action

Last updated: 04 September 2015

The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria has estimated that more than 10 million landmines were laid along its eastern border with Tunisia and its western border with Morocco.[1] In its most recent Article 7 transparency report, submitted in May 2015, Algeria reported that mine contamination remains in 17 mined areas located in six wilayas in the northwest and east of the country.[2] All demining operations in Algeria are carried out by the army.

Algeria does not receive international support for its mine action program and it has never provided details of its funding needs, expenditure, or cost estimates from its national or military budget for clearance operations or victim assistance.

[1] Mine Ban Treaty Revised Article 5 deadline Extension Request, 17 August 2011, p. 5.

[2] Mine Ban Treaty Article 7 Report, May 2015, Annexes 2.1–2.2.