Mine Ban Policy

Last updated: 18 December 2019


The Republic of Maldives signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 1 October 1998 and ratified it on 7 September 2000, becoming a State Party on 1 March 2001. Maldives has not enacted new legislation specifically to implement the Mine Ban Treaty.

Maldives has not attended a meeting of the treaty in the past decade. Maldives submitted its second Mine Ban Treaty Article 7 report on 6 April 2006 but has not submitted subsequent reports.

Maldives is party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons and its Amended Protocol II on landmines but not Protocol V on explosive remnants of war. Maldives is party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

Maldives has never used, produced, imported, exported, or stockpiled antipersonnel mines, including for training purposes.