Mark Hiznay

Human Rights Watch

Mark Hiznay is a senior researcher in the Arms Division at Human Rights Watch, where he works to document states’ policy and practice regarding the production, use, stockpiling, and transfer of landmines and cluster munitions. He conducts advocacy around the UN Convention on Conventional Weapons, the Mine Ban Treaty, and the Convention on Cluster Munitions. He has authored and contributed to numerous Human Rights Watch publications and edits the annual Landmine Monitor Report.

Before joining Human Rights Watch in 2000, Hiznay was a consultant to US government agencies and worked on treaty negotiation and implementation, strategic offense arms elimination, on-site inspection operations, and national landmine policy. He received a BA in International Studies from Norwich University (the Military College of Vermont) in 1989 and graduated from the George Washington University’s Security Policy Studies program with a Master’s degree in 1992. Hiznay served as an enlisted infantryman in the US Army and National Guard. He has worked with Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor since January 2000.

Location: Washington, DC, USA
Language: English